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Coulsdon Dental PracticeCoulsdon Dental Practice
2.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Georgina RodriquesGeorgina Rodriques

We have just moved to this dentists on recommendation from a Mum at my girls school and were really impressed! As someone who has had a bit of a dentist phobia since I was younger after a bad experience I was keen for my girls not to feel the same and the dentist was great with them, very patient, friendly & made a real effort with them and put us all at ease! 🙂

Charlotte SkinnerCharlotte Skinner

Very attentive practice! Booked in as soon as needed to be, dentist made me feel calm and welcome. Have recommended to family and friends!

Sarah MishealleSarah Mishealle

AVOID GOING HERE! Even after ringing and saying I will be a couple minutes late because they don't offer parking for their customers/patients, and the receptionist saying 'yes of course that's absolutely fine', when I went in for my appointment she was so rude and literally didn't give a care in the world. She was moody, probably feeling a bit racist too because she spoke to another foreign guy exactly the way she spoke to me, like dirt! Seriously do not go here people, I 10000% do NOT recommend. Also, I love how they only respond to the good google reviews! Don't worry huns, there are more negative reviews than positives and people aren't blind!

Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan

Thought this dentist was okay .. until I went there to get pericoronitis treated, an infection in the gum around my wisdom tooth. One of the dentists injected the area with some corsodyl mouthwash and managed to hit one of my nerves in that area, straight away it didn't feel right and my gland on that side instantly swelled up! But the dentist assured me I would be fine. That night my whole neck and the soft tissue swelled up to the point I has to ring 111. The next day I managed to get an appointment first thing in the morning, to which I saw another dentist in the practice who I must say was lovely, she advised me the previous dentist should of prescribed me an antibiotic.. I left with some antibiotics and it cleared up in about a week but I was in agony.

Now a month and a half later and I have this same infection but I can't get through, they have no emergency appointments and you just can't get through to them , constantly on hold and there earliest appointment online is about 2 weeks which is just ridiculous.

Sadly wouldn't reccomend this dentist, Janet Ung is the only dentist who knows what she's doing.

Prasad GunawardenaPrasad Gunawardena

One of the worst dental practices. They lose and forget record of appointments when you make them on the phone. It happened to me and my wife in different occasions. Accountability is very poor. Finally, it's very hard to ring them. Keep on hold with music for ever - more than 10 -15 minutes and even after no chance. A single star is even not deserved.

Janet PhillipsJanet Phillips

My dentist Michael was gentle , reassuring and told you exactly what he was about to do , his nurse was wonderful too neither of them caught the soft tissue in my mouth which so often happens causing a lot of pain . My visit was for a NHS crown prep so I will be returning in a couple of weeks for the new one .

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Blodwyn JonesBlodwyn Jones

Helpful staff. Good treatment. I travel from Purley because it's the best

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LynnandAlan HarrisLynnandAlan Harris

Great Dentist, root canal work done efficiently and with care and attention. Able to make an informed choice due to information given in laymans terms. Thank you for putting me at ease.

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